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Class Schedule

Upcoming schedule

Be Wellness

Sunday evenings 5:30-6:30pm – Tai Chi – Yang 24/Yang Short Form

Class at Inver Grove Heights Community Center

Fridays 10:00am-10:50am – Tai Chi for Health (Sun styles (TCA) and Yang short form)


Classes at Normandale Community College

Class information for Normandale Community College can be found at http://www.normandale.edu/continuingEducation/?choice=category&cat=21 .

Summer Classes starting May 5 thru August 31

Classes will be held on Monday May 15 and not on Monday May 29

Mondays  7:00-8:00pm                     Tai Chi for Health Beginning                  A1560

Mondays  8:00-9:00pm                     Yang Chen Man Cheng (short)               A1560

Thursdays 7:00-8:00pm                    ABC’s of Yang Style                                    A1560

Thursdays  8:00-9:00pm                   Yang 24                                                        A1560

Saturdays   8:00-9:00am                   Meditation and Qigong                             A1560

Saturdays   9:00-10:00am                 Yang 108 (long form)                                A1560

Saturdays  10:00-11:00am                 Yang Short (Chen Man Cheng)               A1560

Saturdays   11:00-noon                       Push Hands                                                 A1560

Private lessons available upon request.