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Class Descriptions

Introductory (no prior Tai Chi knowledge necessary)

  • Tai Chi for Health Series. Dr Paul Lam developed the Tai Chi for Health programs (TCH) proven by medical studies to improve health. I am currently certified for Arthritis, Diabetes, fall prevention and seated Tai Chi. These forms are taught at different times and locations so check the Class Schedule for current offerings.
  • Yang 24 – the most popular Tai Chi form in the world. It is short in time duration (2 minutes) and easy to learn.
  • Qigong  is basically energy practice. There are probably over 5000 variations of Qigong practices and I currently practice and teach the following three: “8 pieces of Brocade – Ba Duan Jin”, Yi Jin Jing and Tai Chi Ruler.
  • Yichuan – Yi Chuan (also known as “Yi Quan” or “Da Cheng Chuan”) is a solid, down to earth martial arts style from China that is attracting practitioners world-wide. The method provides its students a framework to discover and cultivate whole-body or “Hunyuan” strength as the foundation for improving health, strength, energy and self-defense capacity. This is an intermediate/advanced class but needs no prerequisite as the training is simple to understand.


  • Yang short form (Chen Man Cheng) – This form is an intermediate form. It takes about 6-7 minutes to perform. It is Sifu Fong Ha’s interpretation of Chen Man Cheng’s 37 move form. It is simply a subset of the Traditional Yang Long Form with all repetitive moves deleted but still containing almost all the poistures from the long form.


  • Yang long form – This is the 108 movement long form as taught by Sifu Fong Ha. Sifu learned this form when he studied with Yang Sau-Chung (eldest son of Yang Cheng-Fu) and Tung Ying-chieh one of Yang Cheng-Fu’s top students.
  • Saber (Dao) training(single edged sword or long knife) develops the strength of the spine and of issuing chi from the spine. 
  • Sword (Jian) training (double edged weapon) develops not only heightened focus(an aspect of the spirit), but also the skill of extending the intrinsic energy through the hands and arms. The sword is the most refined of all Taijichuan weapons and practices.
  • Pushing hands or tuishou is a name for two-person training routines practiced in internal Chinese martial arts such as Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, T’ai chi ch’uan (Taijiquan), Liuhebafa, Ch’uan Fa, Yiquan.